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About Us: A Brief History

HYDRO WATER WELL (K) LTD was established in December 1996 and registered with the Ministry of Water Resources as a Drilling Contractor in January 17, 1997, under license number: DB400/133.

Over the past , we have drilled over countrywide under various governmental, non-governmental, institutions and individual projects. We have now of the needs of the different clientele we serve and how to meet their varied requirements. As a result, we are able to provide them through borehole drilling and related services.

You may ask, . The answer lies in our motto of . A borehole provides not only a for water supply, but also one that will serve the generations to follow.

Making a decision to drill a borehole can be quite challenging especially because of the limited knowledge one might possess regarding the procedures involved. Give us the opportunity to walk through everything involved and address any queries you may have regarding drilling a borehole.

Equipped with a of powerful machinery, to serve and penetrate all types of formations to depths of up to 380m below ground level on the quality of the work delivered.

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