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Turnkey Solutions

Brief History

We have successfully executed several turnkey projects for various clients over the years. The overall project is designed by ourselves and we then provide all services that are needed to deliver the project from start to finish.

  1. Hydro Geological Surveys.
  2. Application and Acquisition of Authorizations to Drill from the Water Resource Management Authority.
  3. Carrying out Environmental Impact Assessments.
  4. Borehole Drilling.
  5. Flow Testing.
  6. Submersible Pump Installationv.
  7. Solar Pump Installations.
  8. Hand Pump Installations.
  9. Booster Pump Installations.
  10. Generator Houses.
  11. Construction of Tank Rests.
  12. Construction of elevated tank platforms.
  13. Installation of water pipelines from borehole to final storage.
  14. Construction of community water points (where required)
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